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5 reasons why Influencer Marketing is must for your social strategy

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing where key individuals spread a good word about the brand and actively promote it. These influencers have the authority and knowledge to influence purchase decisions. Not only do influencers bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s network as well. Because of the loyalty of their audience, influencers have the ability to drive traffic to your site, increase your social media exposure, and ultimately get your product selling to more and more new customers.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should change your mind about influencer

Influencer Marketing Social Strategy

#1 High ROI

Influencer marketing brings in high-quality customers. Brands can get more bang for their buck by investing less in adverts and more into building their team of influencers. Studies show that Influencer Marketing generates 600% ROI on every dollar spent. That’s more than the profits the brand was raking in. Consumers today view content from influencers much longer than ads and are more willing to engage with meaningful content as opposed to ads.

#2 Social Media is 24/7

An average web surfer spends about 1.7 hours online daily and more than 3/4th of this time is spent on social media platforms. Social media sites have become a watering hole for all potential customers. Consumers are busy scrolling through their news feed, checking notifications, keeping up with their friends and following brands that are a part of their life, throughout, making their voice heard and their presence felt all the time. Unlike a store, the internet never shuts down! There’s always someone, somewhere talking about your brand on the internet. Social Media never sleeps.

#3 Blind Eye to Adverts

When was the last time an ad on Facebook made you jump up and buy a product? Advertisements have caused more nuisance than a help. With millions of ads stalking consumers on the internet has created a saturation point. People have started tuning out due to banner blindness. With a host of remarketing, affiliate, display and search ads following you on every site, it is not surprising that paid ads are becoming a huge turn-off and nuisance to everyday internet browsing, causing a lot of people to use ad blockers.

#4 Word of Mouth is the Game

Word of Mouth marketing existed when social media didn’t and it prevails even today. Word of mouth is 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase than any traditional advertisement. That’s because even today, people trust friends and relatives and their experiences more than an ad which is trying to just make a sale. In a competitive world of multiple brands under each category, the one that gets talked about the most, wins!

#5 Influencer marketing is a Data-Driven Strategy

Social media is a storehouse of information. With a click of a button, we can find out who has the highest followers, who have the most ‘likes’ and what is trending today. Unlike traditional advertising, marketers can now reach the right kind of people instead of blindly aiming in the dark and getting vague results because every move on the digital platform can be tracked through data. Armed with a host of listening and social tools, brands can listen to the buzz around them and identify who’s creating the chatter, track impressions, engagement, conversions and brand mentions. This allows them to identify potential influencers who can work towards promoting the brand and act as an indirect sales force for them. So, go ahead and build your team of influencers.

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